The AACO Home Team

We are not related by blood but we are a family. Below is the highly qualified management team we have created to service you, your family and your home with the professionalism you deserve when trusting the best best fully inclusive local anne arundel home services company. Thank You For Your Business!
Jeff M. Tucker
Jeff M. Tucker "Tuck" President | Sales Manager

Jeff has been in the contracting industry for over 25 years, he focuses on creating beneficial relationships through customer service and always being available when needed. He has twin boys that are 9 years old who are truly his world who will eventually earn their way into AACO Home one day. Overall Jeff is always positive and sees that glass overflowing always #positive #grateful,
Melissa Ventrudo
Melissa Ventrudo "Meliss"Inside Home Sales

Melissa is an innovative professional with over 20+ years of progressive experience with in the sales industry and the skills to drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential and manage all aspects of daily business operations. She is able to undertake critical deadlines while being responsive to the fundamental commitments of any partnership.
Oscar Monor
Oscar MonorIn-Field Production Manager

Oscar has been working with Jeff for almost 10 years, Oscar has been involved of every step of completing beautiful projects all over Anne Arundel County for over 20 years. Oscar speaks English & Spanish, he manages all crews along with planning, customer service and successful completion guarantee which is "we are not finished until you the customer is happy"
Mike Stivers
Mike Stivers "Mikey" Material Manager | Site Cleanup

Mike has over 20 years experience in Material Management & Site Cleanup, Mike is our go to for anything needed to get the job done and make our customers happy.
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez "Ontanio"Landscape Maintenance Manager | Carpenter

Antonio has been working with Jeff Tucker for over 8 years, Antonio's best skill set is property maintenance with very high level of detail and all customers love him. He refuses to leave a home or property not looking perfect.
Juan Palma Cruz
Juan Palma Cruz "Juanita"Production Team Member

Juan has also been working with Jeff Tucker for over 8 years, Juan has many skillsets which include services focused on the inside and outside of your home. What always has a get it done attitude focusing on "no excuses" and getting the job completed
Ashton & Braden Tucker
Ashton & Braden Tucker "The Tucker Twins" Mini Bosses | Striving Junior Entrepreneurs

While we love the fun environment we have created here at AACO Home the ongoing Joke is that Jeff Tucker's twin boys will become part of the team as they grow up. While Jeff loves those "Tucker Twins" he continues to say and stand by his core values that they will not be given anything and will work for everything! From the top all the way down we are truly a family based company and will stay that way for many years to come...

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Welcome To The Anne Arundel Home Services Company including our sister company The Anne Arundel Landscaping + Maintenance Company. We are a family based local business servicing Residential Customers located in Anne Arundel County Only. We offer home owners ever service they can think of when it comes to the inside or outside of their homes. Our family is devoted to helping your family get your project completed regardless of size, within your budget, affordably.

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